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Dizapusa Temple

Approximately 10 minutes away from the center by foot. The entrance to the temple is Purdu bridge, below which is Liwu river, formed from the convergence of Dasha River and Dacijili River. The stairs heading up is surrounded by trees and plants; the first stop is white-clothed Guanyin, facing Tienhsiang, and overlooks the Tienhsiang area and the sceneries of the valley. The second stop is Tienfong tower, which stands side-by-side with the third stop, the temple’s main hall. Outside the hall, there is an enormous Kshitigarbha Bodhisattva statue, standing at 36m tall, and is a must-visit stop for the faithfuls visiting Tienhsiang.

Tpdu tribe ruins trail

A circular trail that begins from the center and passes the Wen Tien-xiang park trail, Wen Tien-xiang Park, Christ church, and Tpdu tribe. Wen Tien-xiang Park was a Japanese shrine during the Japanese occupation period, and was later changed to a park, filled with century old plum trees. A century-old German church - Christ church is next on the trail, which is always open to visitors. The trail continues into the woods and after a short distance of rock climbing with the aid of chain rails, the rock lookout comes into view. This was the outpost that the aboriginal tribe set up for to warn and protect their tribe. Finally, the huorang pavilion trail takes you back to the center, and you may even see troupes of Taiwanese macaque wondering the mountain on your walk. (Approximately 1 hours)

Baiyang trail

Approximately 900m away from the center, and can be reached in 15 minutes on foot. This is a trail that is wet and filled with tunnels, as it used to be a industrial road constructed for developing hydroelectricity in the early days, and construction stopped after hitting a water source. The water of the Baiyang waterfall flow nonstop all year round and it takes about forty minute to reach the observation platform, where you can stay and rest, feel the light breeze and watch the waterfall. The first water curtain cave is further down the trail, and is a good place to have some watery fun in summer, but you will need to prepare your own water-resistant torch and raincoat. (2.1 km in total, approximately 2 hours for a return trip).

Featured tour routes

【1-4 days routes】

Day 1:
1. Taroko archway (20-30 minutes)
2. Taroko National Park tourist center (30-60 minutes)
3. Sakadang trail (1-2.5 hours)
4. Bruwan management station (30 minutes)
5. Swallows opening trail (1-2 hours, safety helmet required if heading to the waterside)
6. Changchun shrine trail (1 hour)
Day 2:
1. Bruwan management station (30 minutes)
2. Swallows opening trail (1-2 hours, safety helmet required if heading to the waterside)
3. Lyushuei-heliou trail+geology exhibition hall+lyushuei exhibition hall (1.5-2 hours)
4. Baiyang trail (1-3 hours)
5. Changchun shrine trail (1 hour)
Day 3:
1. Baiyang trail (1-3 hours)
2. Dizapusa Temple (1-1.5 hours)
3. Tpdu trail (1-1.5 hours)
4. Wunshan hotsprind trail (1 hour)
5. Tienhsiang management station (30 minutes)
Day 4:
1. Sanzhan tribe hunting school experience.
2. Experience aboriginal dancing, musical instruments instructions, aboriginal cuisine, river tracing, archery, and other activities.

【Recommended tour routes】

1. Jhui Lu old trail (10.3km in total, approximately 8 hours for a return trip).
2. Book a shuttle bus for a trip to Hehuan Mountain to see the Taiwan Alpine Rhododendron (during April-May only, 1 day trip).
3. Organize residence at Kuan Yun youth activity center, and head toward Yangtoushan, Dayu Ridge, the Hehuan mountains for hiking and mountaineering activieties.