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【From the north】

● Taipei→national highway no. 5→Su’ao→Su hua highway (Taiwan route 9)→Taroko (Taiwan route 8)→Tienhsiang
(Approximately 180km in total, 4.5 hours)

【From central Taiwan】

● Taichung→interchange 17k→national highway no. 6→Buwu highway (Taiwan route 14)→Wushe highway (Taiwan route 14A) →Cingjing→Hehuan mountain→Dayu Ridge (Taiwan route 8)→Tienhsiang
(Approximately 200km in total, 5.5 hours)

【From the south】

● Kaohsiung→Pingtung→Fangliao→Taitung→East rift valley highway (Taiwan route 9)→Hualien→Tienhsiang
(Approximately 410km in total, 8.5 hours)
● Kaohsiung→Pingtung→Fangliao→Taidong→Hualien-Taitung coastal highway (Taiwan route 11)→Hualien→Tienhsiang
(Approximately 415km in total, 9 hours)

【From the east】

● Hualien→Taroko→Tienhsiang
((Approximately 45km in total, 1 hours))


Alight at Xincheng or Hualien train station, take the Taroko anywhere bus or Hualien bus to Tienhsiang station.
※For more details please go to the Taiwan trip website


Take the taxi from Hualien airport (approximately 1000-1200NTD for one-way trip); or take the bus: walk to 085 army hospital, and catch the Tienhsiang bus (4 buses per day).


1. Approximately one hour from Hualien train station. Approximately 1000-1200NTD for one-way trip
2. Approximately forty minutes from Xincheng train station. Approximately 800-1000NTD for one-way trip.

Car rental

1. 1700-2500NTD/car (4-8 people) for half-day.
2. 2000-4000NTD/car (4-8 people) for one day.

Reservation line (03)869-1111~3